Sweet Uncle Lou’s Friday Roundup: The “Brink of Mathematical Elimination” Edition 4

Pictured: MathWell, I imagine if it doesn’t happen today, it’s going to happen at some point this weekend. Since the Fall of 2006, the birth of HJE, the Cubs had never failed to make the postseason. Presumably that’s about to change, disproving my theory that HJE is magic. In a tradition started (and shelved) after the 2006 season, Kermit plans to throw a Mathematical Elimination Party, details of which will follow shortly. For now, here’s your Roundup. (Just the) tips are always appreciated.

Well, that’s it for me, folks. Enjoy taking the rest of the season off. Trust me, we’ve been doing it all year, and it’s GREAT.

-Sweet Uncle Lou

  • Arcturus

    Now that I’m not shamlessly fellating DeRosa in order to win Comment of the Week (Christ, I’m an attention whore), I can say that the Cubs would be making a huge mistake in bringing DeRosa back.  The article you reference touts Figgins as the guy the Cubs need and I totally agree.  I like Jeff Baker and I definitely think he’s earned a shot at the backup infielder role in ST next season.  Baker is a younger DeRosa with a better batting average and less power.  My wife still thinks DeRo is HAWT though.

  • Moon

    Re: flip flop fly ball graph

    If the two best teams in baseball that year had made it to the World Series, Cubs fans’ heads would have exploded.


  • Moon

    That year being 2005. D’oh!!

  • Moon

    You know, there isn’t even a good “Ernie” for 2010.

    “The Cubs will bend in 2010”???
    “The Cubs are men in 2010”??
    “The Cubs again in 2010”???
    “The Cubs Zen in 2010”???

    Next year might be the year! Ernie is a jinx! :D