I don’t know if this is legitimate, particularly since it came from TDubbs (thanks for the tip), but- Well, just read the e-mail TDubbs got from a friend:


I’ve been calling Rothschild once a month for over a year. He never answers, but I always leave a message. Sometimes its Cubs related, but other times its not (happy thanksgiving larry!, etc.). I’m nice in the voicemails and I always act like we know each other.

Back in March I had ACL sugery. It was performed by the Cubs doctor (Dr. Gryzlo). Last Thursday I had a follow up appointment. While I was there I asked him for a status on Zambrano. He told me he’d be fine.

After the appointment with Grzylo I called Rothschild to let him know how we should handle Zambrano. I told him we have a comfortable lead in the central and we shouldn’t rush him back. I also told him to call me if he wanted to talk about it. Apparently, he wanted to talk about it, because he called me about an hour later.

I will have attached the voicemail. I’d classify Larry’s tone as “angry”

Here is the voice mail. Now, why the hell anyone outside of the four-letter site would feel entitled or obligated to call Cubs personnel and make suggestions as to what is best for the team is beyond me, but it sure SOUNDS like Rothschild. What do you guys think?