Marlins Trade One World Series Championship to Cubs for One-Third of Gate 6

Why is Kermit lying again? Click HERE to find out.

This morning, the Florida Marlins negotiated a deal with the Chicago Cubs, exchanging their 2003 World Championship for one-third of the Cubs’ attendance. The Cubs will send their bleacher population to Florida, where they will engage in wet t-shirt competitions and shout things like, “SPRING BREAAAAAAAAK!”

  • Felix Heredia

    The bleacher population? I’m appalled Mr. Kermit. What is the bologna supply like in Florida? We need to be thinking about the true fans that found their friends in the bleachers, take score throughout the game and enjoy taking somewhat grainy photos from the right field bleachers.

    However, those bleacher creatures have been getting older and older, Florida may be more accommodating.

  • mapwheel

    Milhouse: SPRING BREEEAAAAAK!!!! … Well, when are we gonna get rowdy?

  • StPatrick

    FTS, I like the bleachers. Yes, some of the people around you will suck – and probably at a slightly higher rate than elsewhere in the ballpark, but it’s not like the behavior gap is all that vast.

    Everywhere you go, you’re likely to be surrounded by assholes, so what’s the big deal?

  • Frasier Crane

    I guess April is the time to play your worst baseball. Ryan Theriot once again couldn’t handle pressue D and Dropped DLee’s throw in the top of 10th. RYan Theriot you suck. You are the 2007 Michael Barrett. I hope Mike Fontenot punches you in the face and you get traded for a Baltimore retard. Good thing the Bulls won in triple OT tonight.

  • Frasier Crane

    I see it now 8-2 in the top of the 10th. Theriot just sucked the wind out of the Cubs. He catches the ball the Cubs are still in the game. you suck.

  • Moon

    So, this means the Cubs only went 95 years without a World Series win???