I haven’t watched much of the World Baseball Classic, but I did watch most of the game last night between the United States and Japan. Why exactly was Davey Johnson responsible for bringing pride back to United States baseball? Team USA played like crap for most of the game, but Johnson certainly didn’t put them in a position to win.

Anyone who would draw up a roster that has Derek Jeter playing shortstop with Jimmy Rollins on his bench is an idiot. Jeter played a relatively routine ground ball into a double, giving Japan three late unearned runs. But even worse than allowing Jeter to disgrace the United States of America is inexplicably having Adam Dunn lumber around in right field while Mark DeRosa(?!) plays first base. If you can’t hide Dunn in a grazing field, the next-best place to hide him is first base. And in an elimination game, why exactly did Johnson allow Roy Oswalt to get knocked all over the field in the fourth inning? Davey Johnson sucks.