• TDubbs


  • Thrillho

    I mean, honestly, do the dopes who read my nonsense realize that I have as much access to inside information as they do?

    What about “Deep Goat”?

    You know: the unidentified, and likely non-existent, source for all of Al’s inside dope.

    “Bruce Miles is NOT ‘Deep Goat’. That much, I can tell you.”

    Ooooh! INTRIGUE!!!

  • Well done.

  • flannj

    For some reason I pictured CubbieJulie as being much fatter.

  • cubbiejulie

    nope, my weight has been seriously misrepresented over here. also, al and i hate each other.

    that was hilarious, though. as was the one winter meetings preview. okay if i link to that one on my site?

  • Thrillho

    All internet play-acting aside, Julie, BK isn’t actually Al Yellon today.

    You don’t have to ask for permission to link to here.

  • mister cheezle

    If you follow college football, you’ll enjoy this one:

  • @cubbiejulie – Sorry, Julie. You were the only former BCB female with enough name recognition to play the part of “Crying Girl.” And in the spirit of the day, if you post it, please make sure you promptly delete it and ban me from your site.

  • @mister cheezle – I saw that one. Hilarious. This is seriously my favorite internet meme of all time.

  • @cubbiejulie – Julie, the guys at ACB gave me a more appropriate name (kerrysotherwife) to use, so I went ahead and disassociated you from your mortal enemy.

  • Frasier Crane

    This film & the winter meetings film are the best 2 films ever.

  • What can I say?


  • cubbiejulie

    LOL. Thanks, man. I appreciate it.


  • JoePepitone

    In the section translated as “Hell, I don’t even get invited to the bloggers’ luncheons with Jim Hendry”, I distinctly heard the “Yellon” character say, “Stalin”. Possibly a clue that Yellon equates the Cubs’ GM with old Joe? And if so, would that be distaste, hatred, affection, envy or….? Aw, who the hell cares?

    I just liked the idea that Jim Hendry could remind anyone of Joseph Stalin. It seemed truly bizarre. Then again, Yellon also strikes me as pretty bizarre.

  • TDubbs

    We’re all LOLing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CactusMcHarris

    And that thought makes me ill with a sugar rush, Mr. Dubbs.

  • Seriously, this might be the best thing I’ve ever seen on this site. Bravo, Mr. Bad Kermit. Bravo.