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Friday Night Fukudome: Dave Otto vs. Dan Plesac

One guy provides studio commentary for the Cubs on Comcast Sports Net. The other used to do the same job for Fox Sports Net. Both are veteran southpaws who spent part of their playing career with the Cubs.


Tale of the Tape

Dan Plesac


  1. Local guy (Indiana)
  2. Pitched for the Cubs
  3. Had a thoroughbred named after him


  1. Is a “soft talker”
  2. Was acquired along with 4 other players in Larry Himes’ harebrained rationalization that quantity was more important than quality in replacing reigning CY Young Award winner Greg Maddux
  3. Pitched for the nineteen ninety-four Cubs
  4. His goddamn right eyebrow
  5. B126 Ranking: 120

Dave Otto


  1. Local guy (Elk Grove Village)
  2. Pitched for the Cubs.
  3. Was Cubs color commentator for all Fox Sports games in 2001, 2002


  1. When substituting for Ron Santo in WGN broadcasts, “grunts” when a big play happens
  2. Only stuck around for one beer at the 2008 meeting of the Hank White Fan Club
  3. Pitched for the nineteen ninety-four Cubs
  4. Excessively uses the word “fosh”
  5. B126 Ranking: 23 (as one of the Unnamed Pitchers of the 90s)

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