"I'm going to Expos myself to the league.  Get it?  Ha!"

Barrett to Puck the Fadres 179

Im going to Expos myself to the league.  Get it?  Ha!In a move sure to bring glee to Barrett-bashers, Cub catcher Michael Barrett has been traded to the San Diego Padres for 26-year-old catcher Rob Bowen and another player.

The idiots at the Score say the other player is Scott Linebrink, which would mean everyone in San Diego is retarded.

The idiots at ESPN 1000 say the other player is a high-level prospect, with the Cubs sending a lot of cash to San Diego. HJE will stay on top of the story.

UPDATE: ESPN.com is saying the Cubs will receive Bowen, a minor league outfielder, and cash considerations. I can’t imagine the Cubs are getting cash back if the minor league outfielder is worth a damn.

UPDATE TWO: Sign on San Diego says the outfielder the Cubs will receive is Kyler Burke, who is having a terrible year in low A ball. CBS Sportsline concurs.

UPDATE THREE: It makes one wonder if Bowen was brought in to be the backup catcher, and whether Geovany Soto will be the Cubs’ every day catcher, with Koyie Hill getting sent back down to start in Soto’s place.

  • Slaky

    That’s my concern…how are they better NOW?

    Barrett is a chud baby, but we’ve now got one more automatic out in the lineup to add to the SS position. Frick.

  • “Chud baby.”

    If I just sat in a room and tried to think up insults, I still couldn’t do it quite like you do, Slaky. Nice.

  • Section 242

    BK, Hendry is just not that smart. He got lucky a few times with the Karros-Grudz, Lofton-Aram and DLee trades. The only thing he can say since then (I and I have heard him say this numerous times) is “hey we got 5 outs away from the World Series in 2003”. God that pisses me off.

  • bocaj

    “I and I”???

    i see some more trades in the future too BK…please god….

  • Here’s another thought (keeping in mind I’m only allowed two a day). I wonder if the Hernandez-Bellhorn trade was to set up the Aramis trade, or whether Hendry actually thought Hernandez was the answer and then suddenly something better came along.

  • Keeping in mind it was a month between the two trades…

  • Jiraiya

    I’ve got to say, if we end up getting a bonafide good player out of this I’ll be very happy. However, I can’t judge it on that merit until it happens, if it happens. Judging on what is and not what might someday perhaps be in Hendry’s Kreme-filled fantasies, this trade sucks. If Hendry pulls out some magic and we get Saltalamacchia, I’ll change my mind and consider it a good deal.

  • JD

    How did I miss all this today?

    I suck.

  • bocaj

    salty would be NICE…

  • The cost of stitching that name on the back of a jersey will nullify the increase in player quality.

  • Slaky

    You think Littlefield was saying to Hendry pre-Hernandez trade, “Well Fatty, if only you could offer me a guy who’ll get me 200 K’s a year, I’d give you Lofton and Ramirez.” Hendry then ran to the bathroom, shit out a Buick and called up Jim Dowd.

    Based on the past few years, it seems like Hendry began his GM tenure with a streak of blind luck and it’s all but run out. Though Lilly and Marquis have been good pickups, the last good trade he made (Rob Bowen, 2008 All Star bid pending) is what? I can’t even think of what it would be.

  • Section 242

    This shit trade has my typing skills warped. That or I (and I) am turning schizo over the debate raging on this board.

    I might start feeling better if Sammy pulls another o-fer tonight.

  • bocaj

    awww, no you don’t JD.

  • JD, you’re just in time for the mop-up posts. Welcome to the mess.

  • Slak, good point.

    I think the last good trade was probably Nomar, even though it sucked in hindsight.

  • bocaj

    i love mop-up posts

    and sorry about going schizo section…actually it might turn out better for you. you can tell yourself that the cubs are 10 games up in the the AL East right now and believe it.

  • Section 242

    I think I am just going to start an Orioles blog and call it Hire Cal Ripken and vent over there for a while.

  • “Hire Freddie Bynum” is available, too.

  • Section 242

    By the way, could it be that Steve Stone is so cranky these days because the O’s chose McPhail over him for an executive job. The Stone Pony did win his Cyrus Young there.

  • StPatrick

    This has been an interesting read today…normally I have plenty of time in between playing unreal tournament in my mom’s basement and eating soup to get in earlier. I guess I suck worse than JD, and that dude got his positive shot off in the last war. Well, I guess I’m going to be late again for my night shift at the blockbuster. I usually like getting there early so I can pick the movies we watch. I was totally feeling some LOTR. Here’s to hoping Baller isn’t already watching 16 candles. Again.

  • bocaj

    You don’t own the special edition complete box set of Lord of the Rings?!?

  • vapor

    who doesnt??

  • Jiraiya

    I positive StPatrick.

  • Again, who doesn’t?

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  • Bowen: two walks today! Padilla’s avoiding him like he’s 1995 Piazza.

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  • Reddy

    Michael Barrett was funny. Screw you aram balls in your mouth!